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Begin datumnovember 22, 2019
Einddatumfebruari 01, 2020
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A RideNode™ is a smart contract and digital currency apparatus that leverages proprietary blockchain technology. The inspiration and vision on which RideNode™ was created upon, to become the First American Blockchain and Digital Currency for the Ride and Transportation sector, comes from how Henry Ford’s Model T went from conceptualization to becoming America’s First affordable automobile that not only opened up new markets, but also united families, improved working conditions, brought prosperity, and elevated the society at a whole.

Founder & CEO

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Prijs0.0400 USD Verkoop10,000,000,000 BetaalmethodeETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimale investering40 USD Distributie40% verhevenN/A
Soft Cap5,000,000 USD Hard Cap500,000,000 USD